Vintage Style, Classic and Contemporary Wedding Cars  ​


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Bonnie & Clyde -      Beauford 1930's Style Convertibles


Daisy -                      Contemporary Volkwaggan Beetle Convertible


Snowdrop-                Luxury White Mercedes    














Wedding Cars Worcestershire
Wedding Cars Worcestershire
Bonnie:  Wedding Cars Worcestershire

This two door car is finished in Old English white with luxury deep red velour seating and carpet


To give the bride maximum space for her bridal gown, we normally remove the front passenger seat.

Wedding Cars Worcestershire

​​​Clyde----Wedding Cars Worcestershire


This four door convertible car is also finished in Old English white but has jet black wheel arches and running boards.

Clyde's interior has soft cream leather seats and beige carpet, these neutral colours look good with any wedding colour theme.



Wedding Cars Worcestershire

Daisy---Wedding Cars Worcestershire


And now for something completely different... with a new edition to the family, Daisy the "Love Bug", a fun Volkswagen Beetle Cabriolet in pale Beige with sumptuous soft cream leather interior. The roof can be lowered at the flick of a switch.

Wedding Cars Worcestershire

Snowdrop-- Luxury Mercedes Wedding Cars Worcestershire


The modern luxury choice finished in pure gleaming white.  Climate control ensures you keep your cool in summer or warm and snug in winter

The perfect second car to complement either Bonnie or Clyde.